Randy Pierce

Randy Pierce is the founder of the charitable organization 2020 Vision Quest, an entrepreneur, adventurer and philanthropist. A lifelong New Hampshire resident, he graduated from UNH in 1988 with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and began his first career as a computer hardware design engineer. Spare-time pursuits since college have included extensive experience in martial arts, hiking, skiing, bicycling, and running road races.

Randy is also totally blind. Always embodying the 2020 Vision Quest theme of “Achieve a Vision Beyond Your Sight,” he has continually forged ahead to live an amazing variety of adventures and accomplishments—all part of the impactful story he’s here to tell. Please help me welcome Randy Pierce to our podium. Randy will share with us today / tonight some of the details of his journey, and the lessons available to us all about striving for our own personal versions of “Peak Potential.”