Michelle Cromwell

Michelle Cromwell is the Chief Diversity Officer and an Associate Professor at World Learning in Brattleboro.  She describes herself as a pracademic—a scholar-practitioner who has one foot in the academe and the other in the community as a practitioner.  Before coming to World Learning, Michelle was an Associate Professor of Politics and Social Justice and the Director of the Honors Program at Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts.  Her areas of research and practice are dialogue using indigenous methodologies, trust, social capital generation, and antiracism. In addition to her equity, diversity and inclusion work and teaching, she serves as an independent consultant with emphasis on conflict resolution, crisis management, and diversity and inclusion.  She works with non-profits, higher education institutions, and government entities to help them to address and resolve their Organizational PAIN (persistent aggravations and identified negatives).  She developed the model Transformative Fusion, which combines the benefits of conflict transformation theory with the principles from Yoga, and Reiki.  The model creates outcomes of confident, creative, compassionate, articulate, insightful and wise members of a team, community, organization or subsystem. Her most recent publication is The One-Foot Journey: Dismantling Racism With Peacemaking Circles, which shows how the peacemaking circle can be used to have creative, courageous, and compassionate conversations about racism.  This book will be published in winter 2017. Michelle holds a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution (with a specialty in Ethnic Conflicts) and a MS. in Dispute Resolution—both from Nova Southeastern University in Florida.  Her B.Sc. in Social Work is from the University of the West Indies, located in Trinidad and Tobago.